Leg Day at Zoo Culture

Every fitness girl knows- or what you need to know if you’re just getting started…. is that Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day! 🙂 This week some of my girls and I got together for an awesome training day at Zoo Culture in Woodland Hills, California.

I’ve had the opportunity to train at TONS of gyms over the years & it’s always really exciting for me when it’s my first time at a new gym because I have no idea what kind of equipment they’ll have & what kind of workout I’ll get to put together based on that but I DO know that it’s going to be different than what I’m used to which I love. ❤  It’s so important to change things up with your routine every once in awhile to shock your body a bit and in my opinion… it helps keep you inspired & motivated!

Ashley Kaltwassar, Jennifer Elliott, Zoe Klopfer and I did a circuit of different exercises focusing on legs & glutes for a YouTube video that we’ll share soon so for now I just want to highlight one of my favorite exercises: Hyperextensions.  This exercise is popular for strengthening lower back, hamstrings and glutes.  So with the focus on lower body, the main objective is to keep your back flat and really squeeze those glutes when you get to about 180 degrees.  As with any exercise, keeping your core tight will allow you to keep your body in line without straining anything. Make sure to maintain control over your body throughout the movement, without going too fast or hard.  Slow & steady wins the race 🙂

If your gym doesn’t have this machine, no worries! The gym I normally go to does not have this machine either so I usually do these standing on the slanted foot platform that has padding on each side.  With my feet together facing the floor, I’ll rest my upper thighs against the padding and instead of using a barbell weight, I will cross my arms across my chest holding a plated weight between my arms and body.  Still a great exercise, either way you do it… just make sure to keep your core tight and squeeze through those buns if you want to target your glutes!

Recommendation: 3 sets of 12-15 reps to build a nice, round booty!

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